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Frequent signal drops

Good evening everybody,


Had quite a frustrating experience today attempting to watch youtube/iplayer and generally surf the internet.


Quite difficult to describe the problem; but here is my attempt:


While streaming a video, it will play fine for 15seconds to 1minute.  Then for the next two minutes or so it will freeze and not download or buffer any other video.  During this period I cannot load any new websites and even the stalwart google fails to load.


This is happening on both a PC and a Macbook.


These connection freezes also incredibly frustrating when trying to work via a VPN with the office - even in none-demanding applications such as telnet sessions..(NB: these problems happen with or without the VPN connected).


While this is occuring I set a ping up (just using windows command line) and could see no massive gaps/delays pinging my version 1 homehub.


So I am unsure as to where the problem lies, whether it be with the wireless network or the actual BB connection.


Any suggestions?


Location is Castleford, West Yorks (phone 01977).



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Re: Frequent signal drops

Hi could you pals download a programme called insidder this will show you the active wireless channels in your area you need to find a clear channel ar one with a very weak signal on then try things again
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