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Fring VoIP on Touch 2

installed and configured Fring app on Touch 2


The first thing you need is your SIP settings. To retrieve these settings;


1. You need to go to login with your broadband talk number and password

2. Click configure your equipment (new small window pops up) Click configure

3. When you get to configuration successful copy the full address bar (it’s pretty long) and paste it into notepad

http://api.home/voipsetup.api? istrarPort=5060&SIPOutboundProxyAddress=sp2.btsip. XXXXXXXX&SIPCallerName1=&SIPUsername1=XXXXXXXXXXXX eNumber2=&SIPCallerName2=&SIPUsername2=&SI PPassword2=&SIPHashB=bef7168c3e950f2701740c5c3f1f4 cf2&SIPHashC=e9394dcd91df190ccc3153b1f56dcab3&SIPH ashD=06b82e8b407e8136ff14898fc56ad0c3&SIPHash=bd4e 5a2bb86fef284cd3836ce726c1e4

Fring requires the following:
The username should be your tel no
The password is the above bit between sippassword1 and the & symbol on the info you get.

proxy server


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Re: Fring VoIP on Touch 2

Well, I've installed Fring and set it up as per the instructions, which has allowed me to make the Fring test call successfully, so it obviously works, but I can't for the life of me work out how to make a call to anyone other the Fring test call number! Any clues?

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Re: Fring VoIP on Touch 2

@Zummerzet like yourself have installed Fring made test call,sofar no luck at making other calls, tried with 441********* also 01********* . It seems to ring on phone(mobile) but landline does not ring

update got voice on telling me to reboot homehub,hub phone works!

 anyone had any luck with this ??? 

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Re: Fring VoIP on Touch 2

It all sems to be a bit hit or miss, tried making calls and yes I sometimes heard the announcement about rebooting the BT Business 2wire hub and on homehub when at home.

I have also been able to make calls using the +44xxxxxxxxx format but sometimes connects fairly quickly and others times takes quite a while to connect.


To make calls use those in your buddy list, or a bit long winded manually dialling menu>call>>sip call>enter number +44xxxxxxxxxxxxx



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Re: Fring VoIP on Touch 2

I guess the bottom line here is, should we even be doing this? When I took on my new Touch 2 in December, it was on the understanding that BT, not couttsba, were going to come up with a solution for BB Talk in the near future. The TOTAL lack of any info from the company is extremely frustrating, and I work for them! If they do not intend to develop this application, they need to come out and tell us. Alternatively, they need to pull their collective fingers out and actually make it work, without having to rely on dowloading and registering with some third party client such as Fring.



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Re: Fring VoIP on Touch 2

The answer to Zummerzet and all the other interested parties, is that we as users should not have to be spending so much time on finding a solution to VoIP for Touch2 phones: It is first and last a BT problem. I've posted notes before saying that I pay for the BT Anywhere2Go package, including VoIP for my handset, and which I enjoyed with he previous S-620 handset, and I expect to have the same functionality with the Touch2. It surely is not asking too much of BT to make a clear announcement as to whether VoIP is going to be made available or not ? IS THERE ANYBODY THERE.............?!!
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Re: Fring VoIP on Touch 2

Spoke to Anywhere Support and still saying VoIP is still pending for future release, waited too long for the BT solution and not prepared to wait any longer and spent enough time on third party apps, not happy now with the long delay and nothing coming from BT. Also the fact that I have to pay the £5 for unlimited data because the Touch 2 cannot stop connecting even after switching the data off, al sounds like a good reason to get out of the Anywhere contract that is no longer anywhere since the introduction of the new handsets.


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Re: Fring VoIP on Touch 2

Sorry about the blank post, using IE9 which can cause problems. Tip use compatibility mode!


I have found another solution to make use of Broadband Talk on the Touch2, via the XDA developers forum.

Windows mobile has SIP functionality, so it's just a question of finding a programme that can make use of it.


The XDA forum recommended PortGo from PortSip available here

Click on the "PortGo for Windows Mobile free" download link on the right hand side of the page to download to your PC. Transfer the cab file to your phone (I transferred it via the MicroSD card) and install on your Touch2.


You will need the Username (BBT phone number starting 44xxx) and the Password that you got from the instructions at the start of this thread. Tip you will need a HH2 or earlier to get your username and password as the HH3 wont let you set up a BBT service.


Once PortGo is installed on your Touch2 and you have a copy of your username and password, run the PortGo software.


On the main screen you will need to input the following:

  • Username: Your BBT number starting 44xxxxx
  • Password:  Your password you noted down earlier
  • SIP Server:
  • SIP Port:    5060

The remaining boxes on this page can be ticked to suit your preference, however I would recommend making sure the remember my password box is ticked!!!


Now click on the Advance screen and input the following

  • User Domain:

Leave all other fields blank and tap OK


Now check your details again to ensure you have got them all right and tap logon. Hopefully your phone should log on. If not try a restart of your mobile, oh and make sure you are connected to the WiFi.


I did find that the first time I tried to make a call, I got the message advising that my line didn't support the functionality. A quick re-set of the HomeHub sorted this.


It's been working fine since Wednesday this week and so far I have tested it on the following routers etc.

HH1, HH2, HH3, BT BusinessHub, and a proper BTOpenzone hotspot. I have not yet tried it on a Non-BT access point.


It says it is free, and I have found no mention of a trial or payment and so far, once I had input all my details correctly it has worked flawlessly even after repeated phone re-starts (just to check to make sure!)


Hope this helps you all, please let me know if it works for you too. Smiley Happy


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