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Frustrated and Tired

My desktop PC (Windows 7) which is upstairs in a house, will connect to my wireless BT HomeHub 3.0 but keeps saying limited or no connectivity.  So basically can get on the wireless network fine but can get no internet.  My laptop (Ubuntu) will connect happily and is working fine (it's what I'm typing on right now).  My android phone happily running the internet from it as well. 


Have just spent 20 minutes on phone to BT support.  First ten minutes was me being made to do everything I'd already done such as turn computer on and off again, turn router off and on again, clear wireless connections and start again with new connection.  None of this worked.  Next five minutes I was put on hold.  Finally he came back and told me that I needed to connect to the router directly with an ethernet cable and this is where I really got frustrated.


Because if you look at the only  other thing I have ever posted in these forums was when I moved in and discovered that although there is a BT labelled phone socket upstairs they will not activate it without charging a hefty fee for an engineer to come out.  And I am not disconnecting my entire desktop PC set up and dragging it downstairs to set it up in the hall - the only place I have a phone socket for the router.  Nor am I investing in a 20 foot long cable. 


So back to call centre man -  he said I need to download some new drivers in order to make it work again.  He tried to get me to connect to BTWIFI and BTWIFI-FON.  Neither of them worked.  Same error message. Connected but with limited connectivity.  The call was ended with no resolution.


So can anyone suggest a solution that won't make me crazy?

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Re: Frustrated and Tired

You could see if there are any updated drivers for your desktop wireless adapter, as some will not cope with WPA2 encryption.

There is some general help with wireless connections on this link.


Wireless problems and things you can try, to resolve them


If all else fails, then there are some other options here.

Network connection problems and possible solutions


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Re: Frustrated and Tired

Well I ejected the wireless adapter and cleared everything off the computer then turned it on again and reinstalled the wireless adapter and it is working again.  


I guess it is just "The home hub 3 does not cope very well with multiple wireless connections, and sometimes gives random disconnections. Some people have used a separate wireless access point plugged into the home hub 3, and this seems to solve the problem. If you look at the "wireless boost" link below, a suitable method of doing this is described. The alternative is to use a home hub 2, provided you are not on BT Infinity."


If only I could get the socket connected up here without paying a ton for it, then I wouldn't have these problems anymore.

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Re: Frustrated and Tired

Good to hear it's working.


Not being a user of Microsoft I would suggest dumping it  Smiley Tongue


You could try a combined powerline adaptor / wifi connector, that would give you the ethernet connection suggested ( well, more or less ) and allow you to retain a wireless connection while upstairs..


Cheers   Smiley Wink

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