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Frustration and Non-cooperation with BT

I have been thinking about changing my broadband for a while as I realised I am paying quite a bit for just my broadband. I saw the deal with BT so thought I would go with them and get phone, tv and broadband in one. 


However, I found I couldnt get tv because of my connection and I couldnt get infinity because of my area/connection. So I had to settle for a package that would only, in the end, save me a mear couple pounds a month as it didnt work out much cheaper after I actually worked it out (another advertisement misleading). 

So I placed this order, but DIDNT get a mac code because the broadband I was with werent available (phone lines closed). SO, I didnt ask them to switch or anything. 


The next day, I ring my current provider and they offer me a new deal which is far better than anything BT offered and they were much more friendly. So, I changed to that and they said They would also pay my line rental!


I am already paying line rental with BT and have been for some time, but I wanted to cancel this as it was far too expensive for the charges and took out the new 120 year saver line rental. But Orange said they were paying it now, so I wanted to obviously cancel the order and everything I did with BT the DAY before and as I hadnt official switched or verified my acccount, this should be okay. 


OR NOT! I rang up BT the same day and they said that they had taken my £120, I couldnt get it back and I would have to pay it!!! Even though Orange are paying it.. so they are getting two payments of line rental for ONE HOME! 


The woman was very un-coperative and would point blank not understand or sympathise. She also could not understand how orange were paying it for me.. something that they should surely know and take into consideration. 


I am a parent and I am not on a high income so obviously, I want the best and cheapest deal, the most polite customer service and I can't afford to pay £120 when I now do not need to as my current provider is paying it for me for this year. I am not very confident in dealing with my phone and braodband and packages and do not know much about this world so I need the most help. I feel taken advantage of and let down by a company which is supposed to be supportive. 



I am stressed and very very upset and annoyed by this. 

What can I do to cancel everything I have with you and get my £120 which I NO LONGER NEED back? 



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Re: Frustration and Non-cooperation with BT

Hi Dawn_steph


Welcome to the Community, I'm sorry for the problems you're having.


Drop me an email using the contact us form in my profile. You will find the web address for this form in the section 'about me'.





Community ModeratorStuartH
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