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Frustration with BT

Where do I start:

I wanted to change from a cable supplier due to forever having broadband outages at the most inconvienient of times.

So after seeing the Infinity ad an Order was  placed Thu 30 Jun 2011


BT Home Hub 3.0 Black, BT Infinity Home Hub 3.0 Welcome Pack Delivered:  15 July 2011

Telephone connection and Broadband - BT Infinity Option 2 installation: Tue 19 July 2011

Activation date: Tue 19 July 2011

Monday 18 July 2011

21:50 BT send Out Text Message to mobile phone stating “engineers would be out tomorrow morning”

Tue 19 July 2011

BT Openreach engineer turned up to install BT Infinity; he has to wait for phone line engineer to do his work.

30 Mins later Phone Line engineer  arrives to sort out phone line.

Conclusion after tests was that at some stage in the past, ground works carried out on a pavement a few houses away which may have broken the cable.


Wed 20 July 2011

Engineer arrives and carries out cable break location.  Area identified and marked.


Fri 29 July 2011

BT contacted  I am informed that work would be done on Mon 1 Aug 2011 and by the end of the day everything would be working.

Mon 1 Aug 2011

BT contacted I am informed that work would be done on Tue 2 Aug 2011 and by the end of the day everything would be working.

Tue 2 Aug 2011

Bt contacted I am informed that work would be done on Tue 2 Aug 2011 and by the end of the day everything would be working.

14:00 hrs. BT contacted  I am informed that the job had been signed off as completed. Finally told that after chasing up that work would be done on Tue 2 Aug 2011 and by the end of the day everything would be working.

Wed 3 Aug 2011

Am: Ground workers arrive to dig and locate break.  New conduit fitted.

Pm: Cable engineer arrives installs new cable. Establishes connection and carries out porting of old number across.

No sign of Broadband engineer.

Thu 4 Aug 2011

I am now in the situation of having my original phone line and now a BT phone line both of which share the same phone number.

Am:        BT contacted   Asked if someone could find out what was going on.

                BT Call me back. Due to how long it has taken to do linework Porting of the Telephone number has timed out with previous supplier. BT has to re-apply to have number ported this will take 4 days.

Now have been told line will be sorted on Mon 8 Aug 2011 and once that has been established then an appointment with openreach for Infinity install and activation will be arranged.


As one can see there seems to be just a lack of monitoring the job.  A total lack of notifying the customer what was going on. If I had not kept chasing I would still have no line fitted. Then again I have a line fitted that does jack.


So what do we have:


Lack of communication    This is the company that takes pride in providing the communications for London 2012 Olympics.  A rapid learning curve -  talk to your customers



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Re: Frustration with BT

In this case I think the best solution would be to contact the mods, you can do that by following this link:


I can see that you've obviously been kicked beetween pillar and post with this situation, and I've never seen it before.  Anyhow by following that link you'll be able to send an e-mail to the Moderator team on this forum who have an excellent rating for getting problems sorted.

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Re: Frustration with BT

Thanks, did send email to that link on Friday 5th

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Re: Frustration with BT

The saga continues:


Mon 8 Aug 2011


The porting of my old phone number fails to happen.


BT contacted:  am informed that porting hadn't happened, is now due to happen on wed 10 Aug and that

Infinity install will happen at a later date.


Signs into My BT to see if any more information there.


There is information on My BT I am shocked and stunned. Will it be written confirmation of whats happening?


Nope....   The information is that that my phone bill will; be available to view on-line tomorrow !!!!!!!


Mr Buckley whilst sitting in your air conditioned office could you pick up the phone and

get this sorted out.


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Re: Frustration with BT

Warren, doesn't actually deal with these things directly, he manages everything C&S related.  I know he does handle some cases and he is very committed to his work.  


Have you heard any responses from the Mods yet?

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Re: Frustration with BT

Well all my papework has his name and signature on the bottom.


By C and S is that the abbreviation for customer service?


I am a new customer and this charade really is a good example of customer service  NOT.


Was under the assumption that customer service  provide a service to the customer,  maybe not.


Why am I having to spend all my time calling BT?


And no the mods havent been in touch.


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Re: Frustration with BT

hi the mods do normally reply directly to you by email or phone within 72 hours sometimes however a little longer if sent at weekends as each mail is dealt with in turn and they are only a small team who at weekends work at even lower numbers of personnel on duty
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