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Frustrations of contacting BT ....

I realise I'm proabbly shouting into the wind, but I'd rather stick pins in my eyes than try to contact BT.


I have a defective faceplate that needs to be replaced.  Nothing works with the faceplate in, but the phone works with the faceplate out. I tried to call the helpdesk on the 0800   The automated asnwering service fails to understand my replies, even failing to understand when I say "Yes" to confirm my number.   Have BT not considered that making your users shout frustratingly at an unforgiving automon is going to get people grumpy from the very start? 


Then I get to a human with an Indian accent that is barely intelligible. However it's not his fault, he's only trying to do his job so I persisted.  I told him about the lack of a dial tone, he asked about the lights on the router but the call was cut off just as I was about to point out that there is no point in testing the router if the faceplate is off.


Fed up with the difficulty in talking to someone on the other side of the world I tried live text.  This time the accent wasn't a problem, but each reply took a couple of minutes.  Almost as if they went to make a cup of tea between each exchange.  I guess they were talking to several people at once. Several of the replies were repeated, obviously standard cut and paste comments that miss the point of what the user is asking about.  If a user asks for claification it is pointless to simply repeat a previous answer - doh!


Well that's an hour of my life gone for what should have been a 5 minute conversation with an English speaker on a clear phone line.  I now have to hang around for half a day waiting for the one of their technician/engineers to turn up for couple of munites to plug in  a box.  At least they'll speak clearly and won't pause for two minutes before replying.


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Re: Frustrations of contacting BT ....

If it works at the test socket, then anything past that point, including the faceplate, is chargeable ay £130, so its much cheaper to buy a faceplate and change it yourself.


Have you disconnected any extension wiring that may be connected to the back of the faceplate, as that could be causing the problem?


Which faceplate do  you have?


nte.jpg adslface.jpg or newnte.jpg


You can connect things like this, to get both phon and broadband working.



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Re: Frustrations of contacting BT ....

Personally, whenever I have to deal with customer service, I queue up for the voice chat and the text chat simultaneously - and then I drop the connection to whichever one doesn't start talking about the issue first.


At least you managed to get them to agree to log a fault as a result of your first text chat, if not your first voice chat. Wishing you luck in getting it sorted.


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