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Fttp speed

My fttp is recently periodically all over the place:


fttp then powerline connection but one day its full speed 80/20 then next as a few mins ago 19/5. (okla speedtest). Service status says everything is fine.


A quick ping test: to the bbc got me results from 29ms to 163ms (base ping is a bit high due to powerline but thats not the 163)




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Re: Fttp speed

Is this the same when not connected via powerline adapters?

They can be fairly unreliable in terms of speed.
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Re: Fttp speed

@pbwpu At present you do not know if it is your FTTP connection that is a problem or the powerline adapters. The only way to rule out the powerline adapters is to try a direct ethernet connection to the router (providing the router is connected directly to the ONT via ethernet). If the problem then persists by elimination it has to be your FTTP connection.

Until you have done that you will never know.

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Re: Fttp speed

Yeah I could run a cat cable to double check. However the powerline is the same device i've used for 2yrs without any issues and the issue is intermittent atm. This morning i'm at 80/20 again.

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Re: Fttp speed

having used powerline adapters jus because they worked yesterday and for last 2 years does not mean they will work tomorrow - from personal experience they just stop without any warning

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Re: Fttp speed

The fact remains until you do it you do not know where the fault lies.

Keep us updated.

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Re: Fttp speed

Hi @pbwpu and thanks for posting.

Sorry you're having problems with the connection. @pippincp is correct. The first step would be to try a direct connection without the adaptor for a few days. If the connection remains stable and at full strength you'll know its more than likely the adaptor which is causing the problem. Let us know how you get on.



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