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Full Fibre 500

Hi upgraded from Fibre 150 to 500.

What WiFi speeds are people getting? I actually upgraded to Fibre 900 but changed after 1 day as it was overkill. 

I am getting 300 to 360 mb on WiFi on the Smart hub 2 and 350-420 mb on  my old Asus RT-AC66U router which I replaced my old home hub with. I’ll probably stick with the Asus but disappointed with the Smart Hub 2 which was sent with this upgrade. 


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Re: Full Fibre 500

Hi, it depends how much u get with an ethernet cable directly, if there you cant get 900Mb, then with wifi its will be a lite bit less the 897mbs. but you need to check the link speed of your wifi connection.  Link speed needs to be above the 1gbps to get the best results.Linkspeed2020-03-29 120458.png


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Re: Full Fibre 500

I was asking about 500 not 900?

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Re: Full Fibre 500

I recently upgraded from fibre 100 to fibre 500 and i'm confused.  I don'y have anything connected directly to the router everything is either wifi or power line Ethernet connectors.  When i run a speed test on Okla i get daring results from 150 to 270 it i use the BT Wholesale speed checker from the same spot in the house it gives me anything from 300 - 674!!  which one is correct, and which one do you truest?  How would you know for sure?


Screenshot 2020-05-01 at 21.34.08.png


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Re: Full Fibre 500

Always found the BT Wholesale Speedtest to be a bit generous

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Re: Full Fibre 500

I've since found out that he bt speed test isn't suited to testing the fibre packages. I now have several things connected via Ethernet and anytime I speed test with Okla I get around 510 Mbps. So I'm happy with that.

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