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Full Fibre 900 regrade, stuck at 300/100

Hi all!

I purchased an upgrade from my existing 300/50 service, and the order completed yesterday.

My upload speed is now a solid ~100mbps, but my download has not changed - still tops out at around 300mbps.

I have tested this from a linux box connected over ethernet with Cat6e cables. I can't use the BT speed tester any more (seems to be a known Smart Hub 2 issue), but and a wget download of a 2.6GB linux image both top out at around 300mbps. 

I phoned for support this morning. They told me the actual fibre connection is connected at around 810mbps (that's something I may follow up separately) and blamed the computer doing the testing (antivirus or other software or something, which isn't the case - it can saturate its gigabit ethernet on local network transfer).

Any ideas for where I can go next? At present I'm paying a premium for a service I'm not receiving.


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Re: Full Fibre 900 regrade, stuck at 300/100

Well, turns out I was not testing properly. never seems to work for me on a connection of this speed, but and a different download mirror, plus PSN seem to offer about 800mbps as the figure, which is OK.

Was expecting to get 910mbps at this time of night, but I'll just keep an eye on things.
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