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Full fibre 300

Hello. Since upgrading to full fibre 300 I seem to be having more speed problems. I upgraded due to the stay fast and that multiple devices shouldnt cause problems, however, it seems worse. I put some of it down to older tech in my laptop and pc. But now even my roku tv box barely works. Does anyone else have these problems? When i do speed checks through bt it comes back fine, and I did test an xbox 1 and ps4 slim and they came back good, but its seems less stable and worse than bts standard fibre packages. Any help or ideas would be appreciated 

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Re: Full fibre 300

Did you change router at the same time as fibre 300 i.e. to Smarthub2? When you say less stable what do you mean, is it just the Wi-fi speeds? Can you see lots of the neighbours networks, could it be contention for the same channel? As a test you could try switching off the 5GHz channel and manually selecting different channels to see if it improves? 

BTW - Fibre 300 is great, you might also consider phoning BT and asking for Fibre500 at the same price once it’s working better/ fixed  😀

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