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Full fibre 900 speed issue

Hi there .

just had my full fibre 900 installed and I’m getting around 680/115.  Upload is what quoted , but getting near the 900+ I should be getting .


all test have been conducted via Ethernet via BT hub and also my own ASUS XT8 mesh routers ( which I can only Assume is better than bt offerings ) 


I called BT they said to allow time for it to settle or at least I need to allow time .    Yes my speed is above my “stay fast guarantee”  but also I’m not that far above the speeds of the 500 package . And obviously if this is the speed I can get , I’ll reduce it to that and pay less a month . 

any help would be appreciated 

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Re: Full fibre 900 speed issue

When you say just had your fibre installed. Was this today? Where are you testing the speed?

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Re: Full fibre 900 speed issue

Fibre was installed yesterday. So has been active for around 24 hours. And in that time I’ve conducted a number of speed tests by ethernet


Tests were done by my laptop using an ethernet port that has a gigabit ethernet connection

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Re: Full fibre 900 speed issue

Which service are you using to test your connection?

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Re: Full fibre 900 speed issue

I’ve used a number of speed test sets .  Obviously the main one   Speeds will build, but generally the test will cut off or finish around 650-680 mark 

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Re: Full fibre 900 speed issue

Have you tried testing multiple devices at the same time and taking a combined total? I'm not really sure about what size of pipes

My personnel fav is by Netflix. 

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Re: Full fibre 900 speed issue is also recommended by the FTTP team.

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Re: Full fibre 900 speed issue

Check your hub sync a speed because your download and upload speeds could be affected by your hardware having bottlenecks and not being able to deliver the full speed of your line. It could be something stupid like memory size or speed, hardrive or processor in your device dragging your available speeds down. 

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Re: Full fibre 900 speed issue

Hi thanks for this .I very double it’s the hardware . 

I’ve got a killer gigabit 1gig Ethernet port on my laptop ,  also I’m using a pretty price AX work 6 router ( but all wired for testing purposes)  also hun sync speed is 1000/1000 , between the hub and the ONT runs odd on my laptop, seems to freeze and stutter and does read like it does on my desktop computer .   But all other speed test seem to run fine ?? 

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Re: Full fibre 900 speed issue

Sync speed between hub & ONT is always 1000/1000 no matter which tier you are on.

Try turning AV sorfware off during speedtests and/or try a different browser.

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