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Full fibre

Recently had upgrade to our Broadband network in our close, we can order etc., the new full fibre cables. Wow that sounds good from Openreach.

But no.....massive price increase, Halo 1  but new Halo 1 with full fibre £15 increase  Then to put out on facebook you will cut off copper in 18 mts . Think again BT no one took up offer in our close,when the poor chaps called again thinking to upgrade everyone,soon drove of ,no one wanted the massive price increase.

Quote from Openreach letter......The decision about to order this new service IS ENTIRELY UP TO YOU, and your currant broadband service won`t be affected.

So over to you....

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Re: Full fibre

If you are able to get FTTP and are a currently BT customer then phone the FTTP team and see what your offer is to upgrade. If you don't like the offer then don't take it 08005874787

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Re: Full fibre

Will try that tomorrow, price was given on internet page upgrades,personal.
See what they have to say
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