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Re: Full steam full astern! What's the score?

BT have offered to help but can't 


5 weeks is too long for a 21st century, world class company to acknowledge a problem and affect a repair


5 weeks, thats 35 days, 14 phone calls, 12 hours on the phone, 5 wasted evenings waiting for nothing, 2 days waiting in for calles that didnt come, 


BT have been offereing to help for 5 weeks but don't know how to


just admit they can't fix it and have over committed!



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Re: Full steam full astern! What's the score?

@ grumpy 2 you have been offered the forum mods help they will take personal ownership of your problem until fully resolved and give you a single point of contact in the UK
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Re: Full steam full astern! What's the score?

What constitutes a fair & reasonable amount of time for a company to rectify a fault??


People increasingly have businesses to run from home nowadays. There's a graphic designer a few doors down who relies on the internet to upload & download large files to and from clients. He's getting loads of grief because of the ongoing issue we have...and have now had for several WEEKS - not just days!


As he said, he thought, that after getting a call off BT 'promising' (ahem...) a fantastic, super-dooper superior experience if he switched to fibre, that his productivity would increase greatly. How wrong it's turned out to be though.


At least before on 'normal' ADSL, it might have been a slower upload speed, but at least it was virtually guaranteed to complete. We had almost zero problems before on TT (and supposedly, these problems are confined to BT's service, though I've yet to find someone with another ISP on our exchange who can confirm this). To add insult to injury, BT are saying we can't get out of the situation. Surely this must be legally wrong after a certain amount of given time!

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Re: Full steam full astern! What's the score?

Unfortunately, It's against the T&Cs to use Infinity for business purposes.
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