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Further delay for FTTP rollout in Western Exeter.

I think my tale is fairly typical of many of the "lucky" few in FTTP-scheduled areas.


I live in Exeter - an exchange that has been fibre enabled for many months now, but I can't get it as I'm in a FTTP area. "Lucky you" I hear you say. Well no. While my neighbours a couple of streets away and large chunks of the City are enjoying the benefits of fibre broadband, the best I can get is 3.5 Mbps ADSL2. The FTTC stops at the bottom of my road, as does Virgin Media.


Fibre was laid along my road over a year ago. Engineers told me it would be active "later this year (2012)". Then came the flooding and Openreach suspended the FTTP install due to "Matters Beyond Reasonable Control". Fair enough I thought. They suggested a new launch date of Spring 2013.


However my latest response from OR was this: "I have been in contact with the Project Manager this afternoon and he advises that Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) was suspended dependent upon a review of FTTP, however, the best estimate for completion at this stage is towards the end of this calendar year (2013)." So now another 12 months wait. By which time those on FTTC may already been offered FTTP on demand.


Sorry for all the moaning, but my question is this: If FTTP is proving such an engineering nightmare in Exeter, why don't OR just give us all FTTC and then those who want FTTP can get it on demand at some future point? Everyone's happy!


Anyone had similar experiences?


I know this is a BT forum, not an OR forum, but just hoping someone with a better knowledge of how these things work may be able to shed some light on this issue.

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Re: Further delay for FTTP rollout in Western Exeter.

I agree with you - I live in Argyll Road and nobody seems willing to install cable or fibre into our road - No Information and No one willing to take ownership. I wish the was someone that we could actually talk to and get them to at least create a plan or let us bid for the installation work privately.

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Re: Further delay for FTTP rollout in Western Exeter.

Just had this response from BT Openreach:


"Thank you for your enquiry regarding Exeter, cabinet 135.


I have been in contact with the relevant Project Manager and he advises that you are correct that Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) will not now be coming to your address.  However, once the cabinet has been enabled for Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) there is the possibility of Fibre on Demand (FOD). "


So FTTP not coming my way now. But possibility of FTTC is encouraging. I notice they don't offer any dates though. Hope you have more luck in your part of Exeter.

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Re: Further delay for FTTP rollout in Western Exeter.

Sounds similar to experience when Mercury were laying fibre - one side of the road had it, the other side BT needed more time...


Never did get connected.


I know a lot is happening in the West Country after 29th April, but I'm not sure if that is teams of competent engineers or flocks of marketing seagulls. Smiley Tongue

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Re: Further delay for FTTP rollout in Western Exeter.

its the same for me at work.
First we were told the mortlake cabinet (near sw148sn) would be upgraded in Q4 2011, then it got moved to 2012, then to March 2013. I checked it today and it says March 2014 LOOOL.

@chrigurn - who did you contact at openreach?
Could you send me the details in a PM please?

I understand those dates are not fixed but 3 years delay is a bit ridiculous.
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Re: Further delay for FTTP rollout in Western Exeter.

Hi r1sh12


Just checked your postcode sw148sn and address in the postcode area of sw148sn and it states this:


"This marker shows cabinet: P48
Which is linked to exchange: MORTLAKE
Please note: There are multiple cabinets providing fibre broadband services to your postcode. There may be an issue with the deployment of these cabinets so please contact us at to check the situation for your specific address."



Hope that helps,


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