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G fast set up yesterday low upload speed

Hi everyone.  I just had G Fast connected yesterday. I was on BT fibre with good connection of 78 download and 20 upload. The engineer changed the socket to a G Fast one and checked the line and everything. The download speed is about 160 but the upload speed is only 13, down from 20. He said it should sort itself out within 10 days of the setup. Do you know if this is normal as I would have thought the upload speed wouldn’t be lower. Many thanks. 

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Re: G fast set up yesterday low upload speed

Yes this it is quite common for a connection to provide higher download but lower upload speeds - this is because uses higher frequencies than VDSL and these signals attenuate (reduce) more quickly over distance.  Your upload may increase slightly if you have a stable line and the modem drops the SNR from 6dB to 3dB but it will still likely be much less than 20Mb.  You can check your estimated speeds at

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Re: G fast set up yesterday low upload speed

SNR is only dropped by G.INP on the download stream not upload.

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Re: G fast set up yesterday low upload speed

I had installed 2 month ago and before I was on FTTC and had the same connection speed like yours. Download as well as upload. At the moment on the service I have a 154Mbps download connection speed and 15Mbps upload. The connection settled at these figures. I know Upload is less then before but to be honest I think it's worth to have a doubled download speed along with a wee bit less of upload. If you check 20Mbps is about 2.5MBps upload over 15Mbps what is about 1.8MBps. The difference is 0.7MBps. Just enjoy the fast download speed and if there's anything to upload you just need to be a bit more patient. 😉

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Re: G fast set up yesterday low upload speed

Hi. Thanks for the replies. Its good to hear that the drop in upload speed is common. More than happy with the download speed and I guess my emails may take a millisecond or two longer to go. Thanks again for the feedback on this install

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