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General Query regarding FTTC speed

Hi everyone.

Openreach came out a couple of days ago, and it turned out there was a battery on one of my extensions causing the noise on the line. I had a new NTE 5 installed and my extensions cutoff. I also got my BT 16 re-crimped with new waterproof crimps. My IP Profile was reset, and the line is stabilising, with the downstream speed increased from 24 to 33 Mbps. Something which was really annoying me for a while was my neighbour's DSL checker brought up an unimpacted FTTC high (downstream) of 40 Mbps, whilst mine always brought up 32. The engineer was great and we had a right chat about my PCP etc., and he showed me how he was testing and monitoring the line. Anyway, I checked the DSL checker today and my unimpacted high is now 40. Would this indicate that there has always been a fault on the line that has been fixed? I found out I am on a cabinet about 900m away, whilst the nearest is 150m, which is probably why my street's high is at 40 Mbps.

PS, a query I have always had is when the copper travels from the PCP, does it always come up at a Distribution Point with the 'DP' label on the pole, or could it come up at my nearest pole where there is a thick wire that comes up from the pavement.

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Re: General Query regarding FTTC speed

It would indicate that your line hasn't always been "optimal". Automated line tests are carried out every so often and the potential speeds adjusted accordingly.

Copper from the cabinet can arrive in many different ways (pole, underground DP, or direct from the cabinet) indeed next door neighbours can be connected to different poles, different cabinets and on rare occasions even different exchanges 🙂
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Re: General Query regarding FTTC speed

My next door neighbour let me check his line on the DSL checker, and we're on the same pole. Our results are now identical. I have to hand it to the engineer; he fixed whatever was affecting my line!

Thanks for replying 😉
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