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General question.



Since I couldn’t find another way to email etc BT without phoning I will post here,


does anyone know if there is restrictions to the age limit on buying bundles?


im 16 with a full time job earning almost £1800 a month with a TSB bank account and I’m moving into a new flat in a few weeks and needing a bundle,


any ideas?

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Re: General question.

I have scanned the Terms and Conditions and I could not find any age restrictions to become a BT customer.

As long as you pass any credit checks, have a bank account in order to pay the bills I would imagine it will be OK but I dare say  if that is not the case I will be corrected.

The only thing I did find about an age restriction was that if you are getting an engineer install a person over 18yrs must be present to make any decisions about where equipment is to be installed.


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Re: General question.

Perfect cheers.

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Re: General question.

Hi @Kbrodie1 welcome to the community forum and thanks for posting. I've clarified this with our legal team and BT customers must be 18 to order telephone service with us as we need to credit check the account holder and under 18’s can’t be credit checked, sorry.

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Re: General question.

Something just don't make sense. If you are 16yrs or old you can join the military, get a scooter/moped/tractor driving licence, buy a house, get married with your parents consent, dink beer or wine with a meal, join a trade union, have legal sex with other aged 16 or over, work full time  and in Scotland get married without you parents permission, vote  plus a few other things but you can't get broadband and a phone to your house!

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