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Getting 15mb on 38mb package need advice ...

I had Virgin Media 20mb package for last 3 years getting 95% of time 19.5mb d/l 1.2mb u/l with a ping between 20- 30 ms. this was great for everything except streaming my gaming sessions. I decided to splash out on BT infinity fibre 38mb optic package to move up to the next speed level as the btsport deal was a better one than Virgins. On signup I was quoted 38mb up and 10mb down. Living in city centre of Dundee 50m from our cabinet things were looking good. Installation went well the engineer said my line could handle up to 100mb if I ever wanted to upgrade. However when the Infinity engineer had finished he said `Hmm thats strange your only getting 13mb atm. Dont worry it will improve over next few days and improve a lot.` 5 days in and doing speedtest every hour the avg speed is 15mb down to 12/13 mb peak times and the occasional 17/18mb reading. My ping is now anywhere from 40-130ms which has made gaming very difficult. Upload is only thing close to promised speeds with avg of 8mb. So im paying more for a worse service and feel absolutely robbed. I know 3 people on the same deal getting over 35mb in same city What should my next steps be? Does it sound like a fault or is this pretty standard practice?
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Re: Getting 15mb on 38mb package need advice ...


Deff sounds like a fault

contact the mode here using the contact form and will investigate for you

you should be getting top speeds i would have thought


john xx

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