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Getting Phone Line connected

Good evening,


My mother in law, 80 years and wheelchair bound, has just moved into sheltered housing.  BT sockets installed.  Phoned to get line connected and was told no line was installed.  However the previous tenants (BT Customers) had moved to the flat above, had put an extension line from their flat to a phone socket in my mother in laws whilst awaiting their line to be connected.  Anyhow sales girl told me an engineer would have to call and cost a hundred and odd pounds.


Emailed complaint and was eventually told that BT had the wrong postcode, would sort it out, gave me an order number and a telephone number and many apologies.  Good what are you complaining about you say.  Well got phone call two days later to say order had been cancelled because no phone line installed.  That was almost a month ago and they said they would get back to me ......not yet.  When we first went to the flat dialling tone on line and could make calls, now dead.


This is all because of a postcode fault with BT, can anyone point me in the direction for help

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Re: Getting Phone Line connected

Hi hoop1234 and welcome


This postcode problem has occured before...

The only bonus for you is that the original tenants live above and could help you to help BT sort this out.

Could you ask them what the old phone number was?

There will be costs involved though for reconnecting the line.


Send an email to with the old number allocated to the address (this is where the tenants above come in), the new number, the new account number, your name and a link to this thread. They should be able to sort this out for you and your mother in law.


Post back with any updates.

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Re: Getting Phone Line connected

Thanks for that, I have already told Customer services these details and the wont do anything until postcode is sorted out.  How much longer do we wait and do we have any other options.  We have tried her on Mobile phone but she can't hold it.

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