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Getting ahead of themselves?...

Hello All


Walking into town, this morning, I spotted a number of Openreach vans (and mini-excavator) at the street cabinet / DSLAM.Never one to pass up the opportunity to chat to Openreach staff, I went over to find out more...


'Morning all.What's going on then?'


'It's an upgrade to your service' (this appears to be the pat answer, by Openreach staff, to all questions...).


'Oh, that's good.What sort of upgrade?' Lots of awkward looks between the engineers.


'It's an upgrade to your service...'


'Yeesss - but what sort of upgrade?' More looks and shuffling of feet, by the engineers.With no quick reply, I decided to seize the moment..


'Could it be anything to do with G Fast?...' More (now quite desperate) looks and shuffling..


'Ah - so it is....'  One of the engineers finally cracked.


'Look.....we're not supposed to say anything...' I raised my eyebrows.They looked at each other and then replied (with a smile) 'we're not supposed to say anything....' I said 'thanks', and walked on.


Now - I'm not suggesting that it was definitely G Fast related (that certainly wouldn't require a complete cabinet / DSLAM replacement).However, it did get me wondering whether or not Openreach are quietly doing G Fast related work (where they are already having to do other infrastructure work) ahead of the official roll-out, next year, so that it will look as if they've really done a lot of G Fast work, from launch, when - in fact - it's actually taken much longer.Not that Openreach would ever attempt to manipulate data to present a more positive interpretation of a situation, you understand.... ('never!' I hear you cry...).


Just a thought...


PS - awaiting a response from the FTTP Sales Team (for those who were following...).



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