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Getting life back together.

Can someone help me please? I lost my wife on Christmas morning and I am trying to get my life back together. All of 2015 is but a blur. Having went through an operation to remove a tumour from her bowels and having gone through chemotherapy and all sorts of treatment. In the end cancer took my dear wife to whom I was married to for 28 years.


To cut a long story shortn one of the things that I have loked into was my broadband. When I first came over to BT I was only paying about £14PM and then it went up to over three times to what I was paying. I am sorry BT I maybe should have been keeping a closer eye on what was happening, however I am quite sure that you will appreciate that I had more important things on my mind last year and so things slipped.


I have phoned someone and they didn't offer any help. Please, please say that you can help me out as it is going to take me a good while to get things sorted out.




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Re: Getting life back together.

Phone BT Options Team 0800.800.030 and explain that you would like a better deal than you presently have.


If they can not help yu you should shop around the other Internet providers to see wat they can offer. There are some very good deals to be had.

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Re: Getting life back together.

BT have also recently notified existing customers of tailored special offers for them.

Worth checking that as well as speaking to Customer Options.


Login here.


More info here.

Learn about our personalised offers for 2016

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Re: Getting life back together.

Hello Robert......................


I am so sorry to read about your loss..................Please contact the options team on: 0800 800 030 then option 1 and mention you are thinking of moving to PLUSNET as there deal is better and I am more than sure they will find you a better deal, they did for me.


Good hunting and good luck to you



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