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Getting slower and slower at night

Ok i've had infinity since day 1,M28 manchester area,was getting around 72mb down and 17up,after about 6 mths it dropped to about 65mb down and up stayed the same.eventually it settled at around 62mb down and about 15-16mb upload,that's fine i can live with that,however for the last couple of weeks my download speed is all over the place,1 sec it's 60mb down then it's 30mb down,uploads erratic as well dropping to 11mb,that i can not live with,i get the impression the cab i'm on is overloaded as more and more users are signing up to infinity,anyone else notice slowdowns in the M28 area of manchester?

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Community Manager
Community Manager
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Re: Getting slower and slower at night

Hi Adrian100,


Thanks for the post.  I am sorry to hear your broadband speed is getting slower.


Do you only notice the drops in speed at peak times?  Are you using an Ethernet connection as apposed to wireless?  Can you run a speed test from BT Speed Tester and post the results here?  Do you have any other issue with your connection in terms of stability? Does you connection drop out?


Please let me know the answers to these questions and I am sure one of our community member will be able offer some advise, if not then the mods are about for support.




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