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Getting the most out of BB Talk

Hello all,


I've just set up my BB Talk account and trying to work the way to get the most out of it.


First question is that now l have plugged my cordess phone base station into it, with three handsets, why would l ever want to switch back to the landline. Don't l just now continue making VOIP calls or is there a catch?


I've also heard l can be abroad but people can ring me on my BB talk number and l can recieve the call wherever l am. Is this as simple as using the call forwarding option in the BB talk options, or is there something a bit more clever that can be done.


Can l make different handsets ring depending on whether the landline or bbtalk number is called.


Regards, Paris700507





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Re: Getting the most out of BB Talk

When I'm out of the country, I use BT's Softphone and my laptop to make and receive calls. The free nights and weekends feature works just as it would if I were using my HubPhone , back in the UK; any charges appear on my bill, just as they would if I'd called from home. The AnswerPhone feature is particularly useful.
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Re: Getting the most out of BB Talk


Welcome to the forum.

There would be no real reason to now use your landline just a few points to remember.

1. The number displayed when you call out will now be your BB talk number and not your landline number, I know this can confuse some people as the called person does not recognise the number or thinks you have changed you number.


2. If people still call you on your landline number and you have 1571 don't forget to dial a 5 on your BB talk number 1st and then dial 1571 (dialling 5 will let you access your landline).


3. If you require any calling features you can add them yourself by logging into your BB Talk account here:


4. You can change the ringing options by logging into the home hub, details shown,354,380


Hope this helps

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