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Getting your new Kindle to connect to HH4


Just thought I'd throw in some help for any frustrated folk out ther who can not get their shiny new Kindle to connect to their Home Hub.

I had a frustrating Saturday morning trying to get my new Kindle Paperwhite to connect . .

Oooh, it has WPS push button connection . . . so does HH4 . . . lets try it . . . nope!!

OK, let's enter the wireless pass key . . . . nope.

The Advanced menu . .  nope. . . ended up sneding it back as their "help" line said so . .

I tried again today with the new one . . . same problem.

I rest the HH4 back to factory settings . . . hmm, worse as my old KIndle is now lost . .

Had to enter all the DNS/IP/router stuff by hand . .

I then wondered, surely you must beable to do this on the new Kindle?

It looks like a static "Advanced" page but carefull scrutiny will show you there is a small slider on the right hand side and so you can scroll down and find all the gaps to complete the set up by hand, tedious but it works - you may have to use another PC to find all the DNS/router IP/IP adresses but it does work . . .

Hope that helps!

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