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Gift card?

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So I originally had BT broadband but upgraded to infinity on the 14th of February. From what I gathered you received a gift card. I spoke to BT about not be able to claim and I was told it's only for new customers. But I looked and this does not state this on the offer. I find it slightly unfair. Or did I miss this and it was actually stated?
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Re: Gift card?

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Welcome to the forum. I thought about a lazy reply saying that, in common with other providers in telecoms and elsewhere, BT's special offers are generally available only to new customers. Advertising these days is often an object lesson in obfuscation but the (m)ad men are smart enough to ensure that any limitations are specified somewhere in the material.


Having an idle Monday morning, I decided instead to look for it in BT's current online ad. Blimey, it's deep down - no wonder you missed it! Start here. Scroll down to "Online exclusive rewards" and click the dropdown on the left. Click "Find out more" at bottom left of top panel. Scroll down to "BT Offer Terms & Conditions" and click it. You'll now find a list headed "BT Reward Card Offer Dates", each of which contains the caveat "Existing BT Broadband customers upgrading to BT Infinity or those adding just BT TV are excluded."



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