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Given up

Hi All,


Just a note to vent. Having placed my order on the 22nd of June 2015 I've finally given up and just cancelled the order for a new landline (& broadband) with BT.


I was expecting to have to wait to have a new line installed at a new build property and it isn't the time which is so much of the problem. Rather it is the constant pushing the of activation date out. You keep on getting dates that are ignored and pushed to the right. I had one for today, which has miraculously become the 25th of August. Given the amount of changes to activation already I just cannot trust any date provided.


My new house is not in a Virgin area so for broadband, which I require as I work from home, my alternative is limited to 4G via a small EE wifi device. It costs an absolute fortune for data however I've made the decision that I'd rather pay EE than reward BT.


Given that over 100,000 new homes are built in the UK every year it is startling that BT/Openreach are so useless at getting services installed for these new customers. Or perhaps not so startling given there is absolutely no competition in getting new lines installed.











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Re: Given up

Many problems are caused by the developers not providing the correct ducting and in many cases blockages in ducts this then delays Openreach laying cables to the site
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