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Giving and receiving ratings

One of the new features of our community is the ability for users to give and receive ratings.   


Giving ratings is a way for community members to give positive feedback to another member based on the contents of a particular post.  It’s a great way of recognising that the reply message was helpful to the discussion and deserves to be recognised. It lets others know you appreciate their time and effort helping you with your query.


How do I give ratings?


If a post has been a helpful reply to you, or you are reading a post that you think is a useful contribution to a discussion then you can rate that post by following these steps:


On the message from the member you’d like to rate, click on the pink star icon on left hand side of the message:





Once clicked, the ratings image will show the addition of at least one point.  Different members can rate the same post, so that post can be rated a maximum of 99 times.





Once you have given the post a rating, both you and the user that has helped you will get credit for this. The original poster will get the ratings points and may appear in the Top Rated Authors leader board if they regularly help others.  You will get credit for awarding ratings.  This will help you move through the community ranks.


Important notes about Ratings


  • Members cannot rate their own posts, nor can members rate the same post more than once.
  • Anyone who has contributed a post to the community may give a rating to a post.
Retired BTCare Community Manager - StephanieG and SeanD are your new Community Managers

If you like a post, or want to say thanks for a helpful answer, please click on the Ratings star on the left-hand side of the post.
If someone answers your question correctly please let other members know by clicking on ’Mark as Accepted Solution’.