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Going Landline free and Line Rental Saver

I am on Halo 2 £24.76 ppm with Line rental saver in addition....contract ending soon...

I am happy with Halo 2 . Halo 3 does not interest me...

However I never use my landline and would be happy to ditch it.

My question is......

- If I ditch a landline does the landline rental charge go as well. 

- Online ordering is pointing me only to Halo 3 or 3+ which is £10-£12 a month more...Is there a way of just continuing on Halo 2 with no line rental.

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Re: Going Landline free and Line Rental Saver

You still need to pay line rental charges, it is not 'landline' (i.e telephony) rental. Broadband still needs wires or fibre to arrive at your property.

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Re: Going Landline free and Line Rental Saver

Okay, so hijacking the thread 😊


Are there any financial benefits to ditching the phone line?  Doesn't sound like it makes a difference.

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Re: Going Landline free and Line Rental Saver

currently it adds around £5 per month looking at current prices to add a phoneline service but it then all depends on how much you are paying for your mobile service too.

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Re: Going Landline free and Line Rental Saver

Some mobile companies offer better deals than what you get from the likes of BT for using the landline to make calls. If its sim only deal. Even some mobile companies even offer a bundle of calls and text better then some phone companies.

What I see from reading on here is although doing away with landline with save you some money on taking a call package or being on pay as you go and paying per the min. You still have to pay line rental.

You are making some saving from not having a landline but its not that much of a saving.

Landline can be handy as a back up as mobiles are not always 100% reliable but have improved over the years.

Using landline to make calls has been slowly declining for the last 2 years or so.



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