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Going around in circles with business support



We have been having connection issues with one of our BT lines and I currently seem to be stuck in a loop with business support. The line is dropping lots of packets and is unuseable for internet use. We have previosuly had an engineer out to look at the line which hasn't solved the issue and when trying to arrange for another engineer to come out have had to start the whole process again. Yesterday the case got escallated to the wholesale engineers who have put in a signal to noise reset which we have already done and will not send out an engineer until this has finished.


We have been unable to use this line for more than 2 weeks now which is unacceptable for a business level line.


If our other BT line goes down (which it has done in the past) we will lose money from not being able to work.


Is there any way I can push this forward? We really need to get this resolved.




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Re: Going around in circles with business support

This is a forum for residential BT customers and here is the link to the equivalent business forum

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