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Re: Going round in circles ...

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OK, after half a bottle of a halfway-decent Merlot, I'm going to take a chance and declare this closed - and it's entirely down to Stephanie G's intervention.


Something really is rotten with BT when they seem to be going from bad to worse on the customer service front, and the way to get a problem sorted is to make a noise about it on here.


Stephanie, thank you.  Whatever BT are paying you, it isn't enough.

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Re: Going round in circles ...

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No offence to Stephannie but I think the best bet is to email the CEO of BT with your problems

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Re: Going round in circles ...

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Hi the problem may be that BT is expanding faster than its staff can keep up, due to a national sales push.


accounts are being created faster than they can be serviced.


But its new business to help get the UK back on its feet, after the wall street magpie disaster, and as you know wall street is our master. 


we are all trying to dig ourselves out of that USA hole, and there is a long way to go, perhaps 10 years.


Our nation is about one trillion in government debt, and the interest on that loan is millions a day without paying off the capital. 


who else borrows money to pay off debts?


Then there is our own private debt credit card, loans, mortgages, etc. another trillion?


Here is a question for you, who are these money lenders so rich and powerfully that they can lend money to bankrupt governments?


where do and where did they get their money from? and why arn't they in debt?




Ronin22 Smiley Happy




In the end we will all be star dust.
Then start all over again.
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Re: Going round in circles ...

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I must thank Phil and Michellle at BT for theiir efforts on my behallf, but I am now on my fourth attempt to get the correct address associated with a BT line (Starting June, 2010!)


Broadband fault reported to BT is followed by confirmation of a cabinet fault. 2 or 3 days later, visiting engineer calls me to check the address and then tells me again he has the wrong address and postcode and he can do nothing for the line.  I must start again. 

Only one lucky visit was obtained last June because the engineer phoned for directions and even then I had to jump into the road to stop him charging off elsewhere as his satnav directed.


Is there any way to get a line associated with the correct address at Engineering level? The last, wrongly- addressed-and-abandoned job number (this morning) was RGTH8LKV32.


Everyone is helpful but nothing happens.  The Duchess still cannot use her emaill, so I expect to end up in the Tower of London. Man Sad



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