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Re: Good ole BT again...

To be fair Stew, I wasn't asking for your help. As previously mentioned, it was an observation. There is no attitude. If you don't want to post on this thread, you don't have to. Thank you for your input though. You can now admit it must have been something at BT's end. 


@Potty. Thank you. The match was ok. As for this thread, yes it is boring, I made my own conclusion based on what I had observed. Of course an ISP will swear blind that they don't restrict anything -  not a good selling point really is it.


I don't like BT's ways at all. I am a BT customer and really do wish I hadn't been. However, people have the right to an opinion and I know that in future, I will go on to a company's site and see if they have a forum and form an opinion of the company before signing up with them.


People deserve honesty and I know that you will always get a few people who will be out to cause trouble. I have only had a rant when something has gone wrong. I have read the forums before and can see that people are not happy with customer services (For example asking for help with BT Vision and the lady in India had never even used it...very poor).


Oh well, thanks for everyone's contributions.



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Re: Good ole BT again...

worth a comment by the nature of forums they will carry complaints as those that are satisfied rarely post
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Re: Good ole BT again...

Absolutely. There are probably an abundance of satisfied customers. I can only base it on my personal experience. Without going in to detail the problems I have faced are:


BT Vision Box not working

Internet dropping regularly

Moving home was an issue

Wrong account number being used

Constant letters telling me to update email address even though I had spoken to BT Customer Helpline.

Live streaming doesn't ever seem to work.

Being without Internet for days at a time whilst they are trying to fix the problem

Not being given accurate advice - e.g. telling me that I will face a £130 charge for an engineer to come and look at a fault.


This is not what I expected from such a big company. Let's see how things are handled in Qatar...

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