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Google Chrome Cast Audio Preview Programme - alert & BEWARE

I have a Chromecast Audio, connecting to my Home Hub 4 (also done this with Home Hub 5 with identical results).  I enabled the 'Preview Progamme' which allows you try the next version of the firmware.  When setting up the new firmware I discovered my Home Hub had crashed and could only recover a broadband connection by power cycling.  I can't apparently do anything to recover the Chromecast which is stuck in the new setup process.  


No disaster as I have a spare chrome cast audio which I set up routinely (but on the standard firmware - 1.20.66189).  


So, unless someone can point me at a work around - Don't enable the Preview Programme on your Chrome cast Audio devices if connected to those routers.


Advice welcome 


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Re: Google Chrome Cast Audio Preview Programme - alert & BEWARE 1.21.72444

If you have a Gmail account you can see the correspondence on this at:-


In my view there should be a high level alert to all BT/Openreach support staff on this matter, especially the field engineers. It is worrying when a wireless connected device cases the router/hub to reboot.


The problem does not occur with the new BT Smart Hub - I upgraded for around £60 with postage, and my hdmi chromecasts and my chromecast audios work fine now.


The firmware with the problem is 1.21.72444

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Re: Google Chrome Cast Audio Preview Programme - alert & BEWARE 1.21.72444

wireless problems are nothing to do with Openreach field staff as there remit ends at the master phone socket and the phone/broadband network no provider will get involved with third party wireless products
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