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Google asks Captcha on BT mobile network

Hi BT Community

Are you aware of the Google search captcha has been appearing on your mobile network when trying to perform Google searches? Says:

Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network”


You can complete the captcha and it continues to work, but you are repeatedly asked throughout the day. 

Reproduced the problem on 3 different BT mobiles phones in different areas.  

Connecting to WiFi - not on the BT network - Google captcha disappears immediately?


Any help will make me happy, even more if we can solve it. Thanks!

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Re: Google asks Captcha on BT mobile network

It's currently a known issue affecting a number of customers. Whilst it gets fixed the best way to get around is to change your default browser/search engine in the meantime. I use Safari anyway, but have changed to Bing to do searches.

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