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Got BT Vision – lost landline!

User name says it all. Smiley Sad


Recently installed BT Vision.  Great.  Got both TV and internet working fine – but landline not.  Cordless phone .... rings out for incoming calls but can’t hear caller.  No dialling tone trying to ring out.


Currently has the old ASDL connector (?) in socket – do we need a new microfilter for this socket?  Or do we need another Powerline adapter? Or is it something else?


Sorry, been going round in circles trying to work it out for myself ... and get bamboozled with ASDLs and goodness knows what ..... hubby has been trying to ring helpline from work in his lunch break – but hasn’t got enough time to get through to anyone who can help and BT Vision help (after several hours of giving myself a headache) is all about the TV facilities and not how to get your landline back when you’ve missed something probably very obvious!!!!!!  D’oh.


Just need someone to tell me in simple terms how to solve the problem.


Really appreciate any advice, thanks.

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Re: Got BT Vision – lost landline!

i have a similar sounding problem, only i've had vision running for months. i have no dial tone. incoming calls either divert straight to 1571 or ring once then divert to 1571. i connected the phone directly to the phone socket and it seemed to work fine. i did the online fault test and also phoned to report the fault. both tests came back no fault.


i was told to replace the adsl filter. i did this and made both an incoming and outgoing call to the line no problem. but within a couple of hours the line stopped working again.


i'll be keeping an eye on your thread dummy.

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Re: Got BT Vision – lost landline!

Cheers for that ... yup – will try new filter next ... cheapest option ... I can see this exercise costing more than we have saved switching to BT Vision from another provider in the long run???????  (the bills we’re accumulating having to make calls from mobiles without a landline alone are getting near a second mortgage!!!!)


Will keep checking back for other ideas or, of course, post back if we discover the magic wand to sort this .......



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Re: Got BT Vision – lost landline!

Can I suggest you go back to basics, try unplugging everything, then just plug your phone into the main socket without a filter. Then try plugging each item back into the phone sockets one by one making and receiving calls each time. The vision box or the powerline adaptors should not cause a problem with the phone line as they are connected to the homehub.
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