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Green light issue..

Hi all

My Smart Hub has been playing up for a few weeks, needing almost daily resets before today finally giving up altogether and settling on a green light, with no wireless or lan connection.

I rang BT and whilst going through the various line checks googled the issue and found that the green light of death was a thing...

So I go through all the checks and my router is unacessible over HTTP (and has been for a while) and when asked to factory reset it this doesn't even work, it just hangs on the **bleep** green light.

I expect to be offered a replacement box to be sent out but instead am told an engineer needs to come. On Friday. So I am stuck waiting a week for a pointless visit when I already know it's the box that needs swapping out.

Does anyone know how to get them to admit it's the box and send me a replacement? Or anything I can do to fix it myself?

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Re: Green light issue..

Welcome to this customer to customer forum. @Ursineultra


You could either wait, or buy your own modem/router, they start at about £30.

Is there anybody you could borrow one from, to prove the fault?


BT are normally quite keen to send out a replacement home hub, unless they think its a line fault.


Is your phone line working?


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