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Group E-Mail Bounces Back As Undeliverable


For a couple of days I have been trying to send an e-mail to about 30 friends in our church group. Each time it gets reported to me as 'Undeliverable'. Ordinarily it works absolutely without fault. Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening at the moment? I am using Outlook 365 as my E-Mail Client.

I have tried sending the existing message, which includes a 'short' link, to only one member of the Group, and that works ok, the message gets through, albeit it went into my friend's spam folder.

I sent another seperate message to the same group this morning, and there was no issue on that occasion, it worked perfectly.

Any advice would be appreciated.





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Re: Group E-Mail Bounces Back As Undeliverable

Have you tried sending it via webmail instead of using Outlook 365 to see if it sends?

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Re: Group E-Mail Bounces Back As Undeliverable

No, but will do now.

Thanks for replying.


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Re: Group E-Mail Bounces Back As Undeliverable

Something weird going on here. I sent it again using only my address, and my wife's as a BCC, but the reply went straight to Spam.

Looking deeper into the header info, I see that it said:

X-VadeSecure-score: verdict=spam score=264/300, class=phishing
X-RazorGate-Spam: true
X-RazorGate-Suspect: true

I know my e-mail account has been updated recently, having been changed from BT/Yahoo Mail, which was a surprise, but this is the first time that I have had trouble of this kind. What is the significance of the above scoring system? Is that part of the update?

Also, when I checked the different e-mail addresses that had earlier been BCC'd, I noticed the following message was on each address:

The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:

550 spam, or phishing or malware.  Please check or edit your message and try sending it again. (6-1-1-2) ID (5ED9B8A70076D752)

I'm struggling now. I could try sending it on gmail I suppose, to see if that works, but that means creating most of the contacts to do so. What do you think?

Thanks again for your help.





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Re: Group E-Mail Bounces Back As Undeliverable

A friend in another church provided the link I am trying to pass on. Is that part of the problem, or are the multiple addresses part of the issue?

Link Deleted as requested 

The link leads to a 'virtual' church service in another church.



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Re: Group E-Mail Bounces Back As Undeliverable

Very basically what normally happens with any email system is that if the email filters decide without any doubt that an email is spam it will take it out of the system before it reaches the recipient. How the filters decide if it is spam or not is never disclosed by the email company for obvious reasons. If they told how it was done the spammers would circumvent it.

If the spam filters are not sure but do suspect that an email is spam, the filters will allow the email through but deliver it to your spam box so that you can decide.

There are also occasions when the spam manages to defeat the filters and the spam gets delivered to your inbox.

In an attempt to prevent spam being sent in the first place, the sender's email provider can "refuse" to deliver the email in the first place. This would appear to be what is happening to your group email and it is bouncing it back to you.  It would appear that when you sent it to your wife, BTMail let it through but spam filters were "not sure" so delivered it to your wife's spam folder. 

If your wife can normally receive emails from you without them going into spam it would tend to indicate that something in the email has triggered the spam filter. The most likely thing causing it is normally a link or picture in the email.

This could also be the case with the group email but with the added trigger of the number of recipients the email is addressed to which is causing the outgoing spam filters to not even try to deliver the email. 

I should add that all the above is speculation as I have no knowledge of how the BTMail spam filters work.

Can you try sending the same message to your wife but on this occasion leave out the link to see what happens.

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Re: Group E-Mail Bounces Back As Undeliverable

Can you please remove the link. 

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Re: Group E-Mail Bounces Back As Undeliverable

Link deleted as requested



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