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Grrr... Broadband still down and no response

I came back from holiday yesterday to find that my internet access was down. After logging into the HomeHub3 router, I noticed that it had disconnected whilst I was away and now cannot re-authenticate. The phone line is working perfectly fine, the router reports that the line is up and responding, but it's completing the authentication process (the front "b" light constantly flashes orange and pink).


Your outsourced phone support in India is completely useless, they had no idea what they were talking about and just kept on asking me to turn the router on/off. I'm a techie so I did all the basic checks before calling and gave them the information they needed to discount it from being any of the obvious issues.


Please can someone with an ounce of knowledge look into the issue which appears to be either at the local exchange or on your RADIUS authentication servers.


I need broadband access for my livelyhood, so your delays are costing me time and money. If you can't fix it, how do I void my broadband contract with BT with and move over to a reliable and responsive ISP?


Broadband fault: VOL011-4912*******

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Re: Grrr... Broadband still down and no response

Hi Robkerry


Welcome to the community.


We can investigate this further for you. Can you send me an email using the form url located in my profile this form url can be found in the section 'about me'.


Looking at the notes on the fault I can see that at one stage you have logged in using a test id on your router.


Can you confirm that your hub is set to the default login details again? If so we will need to investigate further.





Community ModeratorStuartH
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