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Guidance on Infinity activation ...

I'm currently on ADSL2 and have been given an activation date for Infinity Lite.


My master socket is in the hall and due to space/access constraints I currently use

a Third Party modem/router (Netgear DM200 - which is VDSL capable) - the last Home Hub

I used was the Home Hub 1 !!!


From reading various BT Help entries, it seems that on activation day, the engineer will

do some re-cabling at the green cabinet (during this time my ADSL2 access will be down)

and then somewhen later in the day, the FTTC connection will be activated - I assume by

doing some configuration at the exchange.


Q1. During the time gap between the engineer finishing the cabling and actually activating

Infinity, can I still use the ADSL2 service ?


Obviously the BT Help guides state that you must be using the Home Hub - for example

"The day before activation, make sure your Openreach modem is switched on and has power or it might delay things"


I would rather not unplug/re-cable my existing kit and install the Home Hub.

With my existing Netgear device plugged in, I'm assuming that when Inifnity is activated the initial reset/connection

will fail as my Modem/Router is currently configured for ADSL rather than VDSL.


Q2. Can I leave my existing Netgear plugged in and then just re-configure for VDSL once the line

has been activated for Infinity or will there be a problem (either in the FTTC configuration or perhaps DLM) if it finds that the connection cannot be fully activated ?


Thank you.




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Re: Guidance on Infinity activation ...


Just leave it and re-configure when the ADSL disappears.

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Re: Guidance on Infinity activation ...

when you are getting moved to infinity you will drop access to adsl connection probably just for a very short period

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Re: Guidance on Infinity activation ...

The existing BT Help guides seem to indicate that the gap between the engineer completing the cabling work

and actually activating the Infinity service could be quite long (ie a number of hours).

However, as I live next door to the exchange and the cabinet(s) are less than 100 yards away I assume he'll

just do both pieces of work (re-cabling + activation) together.


Thank you both for your answers.


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Re: Guidance on Infinity activation ...

In normal circumstances the engineer would disconnect the ADSL connection at the exchange then go to the cabinet and connect VDSL (Infinity). Normally just a short outage depending on travel time for engineer from exchange to cab and the few mins to link your line to the VDSL can situated close to your PCP. Also he/she has to sign the job off as done.


If BTWholesale have activated your VDSL line already then reconnection will happen immediately (or soon after) on engineer completing his work. Sometimes however the activation happens later in the day, that's why they allow up to midnight on activation day. In general it's either immediate or within an hour.



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Re: Guidance on Infinity activation ...

Thank you for the details of the normal sequence of the work being done - it now makes much more sense.


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Re: Guidance on Infinity activation ...

Just follow the advice in message 2, you will have ADSL service until the last possible moment and VDSL service from the earliest possible moment. Smiley Wink

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Re: Guidance on Infinity activation ...

Once again, thank you all for your replies - much appreciated.

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