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HDMI unsupported signal check device output



I have a new youview box and I want to use it with my Sony KDL-40EX700 TV using HDMI. While booting, the TV displays unsupported signal check device output for a while, then it displays YOUVIEW logo and writes Nearly Ready underneath. After a short while it again goes back to unsupported signal check device output. When I connect using video output it works. I can set the HDMI output resolution to 1080i or 720p using the analog video cable, but when I switch back I still get unsupported signal, check device output. 


I have seen several people having similar problems before. Is this not resolvable?



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Re: HDMI unsupported signal check device output


I've got exactly the same issue, waited two weeks for the update as this was meant to fix the issue but makes absolutely no difference, I rang support and got a fob off answer "we are aware of the problem and are looking in to it"(I get the feeling as he was somewhere not in the UK! he hasn't even seen a YouView box) I myself work as a technical support engineer and my Boss wouldn't have been impressed to say the least if I ever gave that answer to any of our customers.

I get the feeling that BT/Humax expect everyone to go out and buy a new TV that might work with the HDMI issue which is stupid as I and I suspect alot of other customers left Virgin or other services to sign up to BT & YouView to save money only to be extremely dissapointed -  I 'm going to give it a month if there hasn't been a firmware to finally fix the issue on HD Televisions, I'll move to Talk Talk as they use Huawei boxes

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