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HELP! unwarranted charges again! , I think I need a friend in accounts & billing ...

ok now I pay my bills via a payment card & my local co-op PayPoint. only as I am currently on benefits and spread my payments over time. The *smallest payment accepted at my co-op is five pounds* . I am now & usually have a few pounds & pence credit in my account but Oct.-Nov 2019  I came up short 2.75 and couldn't afford a full fiver more (**). I had a broken english chat on the phone about this but my telephone hardwear is tempremental at best .it cut out & call cut off , the gist of the call was that Payment was 2.75 short please roll over no late charges ect. but call was incompleat. 
          Ive payed my bill and outstanding , but was charged late payment 7.50 but didn't realise as I thought I'd sorted it out so then was charged on charges then restricted service after I'd paid another payment and sent a payment made message link in billing my bt. it was on a Saturday afternoon  but got restricted that night . so now charged re-cotnnection fee . I'm now 27 quid out of pocket that I can't afford because no records of phone chat with billing call center not regestered as chat but as cut off record of conversation. 

P.s. I've been a bt.customer for many years ,and had up & downs ,but normally worked things out in past .so PLEASE HELP GET THESE CHARGES RETRACTED ,DROPPED ,RECREDITED .

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