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HH 1.0 Drops and wont reconnect

Since my service was upgraded a few weeks back, my HH seems to be working differently. If Broadband is interrupted (several times a week it seems), the broadband light stays on but the internet light goes off, data stays on. Going into the HH pages and pressing connect does nothing. Says the line has disconnected due to a timeout. Only way to get back online is either a power off or into the admin pages/system and doing a system restart.


Anyone else seeing this? Its a major pain since I end up having to do this most days now....


Ian Seager

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Re: HH 1.0 Drops and wont reconnect

Hi Ruthus,


I can have a look into this for you if you like?


Just wing me in an email with your BT account and telephone number as well as a link back to this thread.


Send to





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Re: HH 1.0 Drops and wont reconnect



I've been getting the same sort of problem too in the last week or so. Like you it has only been occurring after a line upgrade.


Its been happening almost every day and similar to you I have not been able to connect via the Hub Manager. I end up having to restart the router every time through powering off and on. Smiley Mad


Craig - I'll send an email to the mod team to see if you can solve it.

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