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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

This is the same problem....been on the phone to BT three times......2 hours of my life gone..... 😞


First time got told it is my own fault and I need to put my HH3 - 5 METRES!!!! from any electrical device

Second time they said they would send me the HH4, which never turned up

3rd time they said they had no record of the 2nd call and could only replace the HH3 with a HH3......


Now I am running an old Netgear wifi/router off the HH3 and it is rock solid.  The only problem is the connection is quite slow....but hey ho.........


What I don't get is what happens if you are not technically savvy enough to run a separate WIFI or you just accept the "computer says nah"


Very poor show from BT.......


What I don't get is this was fine up to just before xmas......


Now trying to cancel and the guy has gone off to talk to tech support again...... 😄 


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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

Been having exactly the same issues with my BT Home Hub 3 since mid-January. Have been in contact with BT Support 3 or 4 times now only to be "that wifi speed cannot be guaranteed and it's likely to be something to do with channel interference.


I think this thread effectively proves it's something wrong with their kit.

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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

I'm wondering if I should just buy another hub myself but I really don't see why I should. There must be some connection in that these problems have started for everyone round about the same time. It's driving me mad.
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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

I'm having the same issue with my HH3, but have put off contacting BT about it because I've also having issues with my BT YouView box so I've been stuck on the phone with them for hours already.


Anyway, looks like contacting technical support will get me nowhere, judging by some of the comments on this thread.  Do BT tech support not look at this forum?  If not, then what is the point? 


They way things have been over the last 6 weeks I'm genuinely thinking of switching to another supplier when my contract runs out.

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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

Yeah - same for me. Ping climbs to high levels, download goes to <4mb, although upload stays fine (or sometimes seems to climb a bit). Ethernet always gives near the limit for my line (60mb).


Had a couple of useless support calls. Been texting the number that they said to use if the problem wasn't sorted, but they seem to be ignoring me now 🙂


I'm very seriously considering getting a replacement router and connect to the openreach modem, given that all the comments here point to the HH3 as definitely the problem.

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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

Okay....a little bit of interesting development, but nothing conclusive only educated guess work.


It seemed weird to me that the HH3 just started doing this without any changes my end, others having the same (including a local friend), and no new firmware being pushed to the device.


For these reasons, I assumed it was going to be hardware based of some sort, so I decided to pop the device open. Just before I did this though I thought I'd check the PSU. A bad PSU can cause all sorts of issues.


Using a multimeter I took a measurement. It should be 12V DC. It registered 10.73V DC - and it was fluxuating by 0.2V. Wow, that's low and it shouldn't be changing like that.


I plugged in a new PSU that I had spare (It had an okay reading of 11.8V). Nothing changed - Still wireless issues. Pah!


That was until the next day. For 'whatever' reason (I'll explain shortly) the wifi started working fine...for 3 days. Absolutely solid. Transfers and downloads running at great speeds, no fade, no drops. Awesome.


Then the HH3 started acting weird. The wireless entirely *vanished*. The web interface threw a bit of a fit - presumably because of the hardware issue *shrug*.


I decided to crack open the HH3 and take a look inside. I found 2 capacitors that were...let's just say.....unhealthy. They were 1000uf / 16V and made by an awful brand that are known to be bad ( confirmed). I can’t remember the brand, sorry.

I tested them and they were shot.


A quick trip to Maplin and a few mins with the iron and I'd put new caps in. This time the HH3 booted for a few hours....and then promptly died. The power light flashed orange once and then wouldn't go any further. Unplugging / rebooting all caused the same issue.

It was totally dead by this point.


I tested the new caps I'd installed - they were fine. I tested the voltage across was all over the place. The PSU couldn't have blown again could it?

Nope - the PSU was fine. This means something weird was going on in the actual HH3. It's possible (and I'd bet on this) the bad caps have broken something else. Given that all the components are SMD these days, it just wasn't worth investigating further (aka, I was being shouted at “to fix the Youtubes”).


So my guess is that it’s related to a bad PSU mixed with bad capacitors. The PSU could cause the caps to go faulty faster than they should, but they were a really cheap and nasty brand anyway with a bad reputation.


This was one HH3 though, so please keep that in mind. The above could be unrelated, but it’s my best guess based off what I saw.


I’m going to see if I can get my friends and see what his PSU reads, although I know he won’t let me crack it open.


My HH3 is now in the bin 🙂


I think I’m going to grab a TL-WDR3600 off Amazon (under £50) as it was OpenWRT support and looks a decent spec for the money.


Hopefully someone finds this useful and they can check their PSU / caps.




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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

Well this is interesting. I too have been having the same issues at around the same time. This really cannot be a coincidence surely??

I got onto Support originally and told them I'd tried re-sets, manual changing of channels and a factory re-set. He immediately passed me to 2nd line (well, a couple of days later)

Told him what I'd done and he then wanted me to do another factory re-set (ok...) and then remove all the known wifi networks from one of our laptops (er...hjow was that ever going to fix the issue prevalent on ALL our devices?)

So I agreed to monitor it for 7 days thinking I'd have to jump through the hoops. A week later, no phone call. I check the fault and it was closed!!

Major complaint e-mail followed. The complaints team then called me and I explained what had happened. At this point I had managed to get my hands on a spare HH3 from someone at work and that was working fine (still is nearly a week later)

10 mins later he called back and told me they'd send a new Hub (I should have asked what sort). I think they only did this because I'd told them I was testing another Hub and that was not showing any issues.

Another day later and he called back to tell me they couldn't send another router as we're out of contract...

Now I worry that if I re-contract they'll go back on the deal to send out a new Hub and we'll be stuck in contract!
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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

Took the plunge. Managed to  get a better deal for it and they're sending out the HH5 so no need for the modem any more. Could be a result. Let's see....

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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

This is all very interesting. I joined up to the community yesterday for the sole purposes of trying to resolve this fault. See my original post here.

My original post

Unfortunately I didn't think of looking first for similar posts but as you will see from the link I have exactly the same issue. Definately one for the newspapers or watchdog.

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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

Really grateful Ive found this thread as I have been having exactly the same issue for the last 5 weeks and am getting nowhere with BT support. At least I can now focus in the real problem - ie replacing my HH3.
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