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Broadband speed keeps dropping



I have a homehub 3 and up until about 4 weeks ago never had any problems. Now however my speed keeps dropping from around 17 mbps to 4 or less. I have contacted BT help four times to try and resolve this but after testing my connection they say that the speed up to my house is very good and then direct me to the web site on how to improve your speed. The only way I can get back to 17 mbps is to restart my hub but this only lasts for a short time (2-4 hours) then I have to restart my hub again if I do not do this it will stay at 4 mbps forever. I have just contacted BT help again as I think it is a problem with the router and all they can suggest is to see if I can borrow a neighbors router for a while and see if that works any better.


So before I quit BT and go to another broadband provider has anyone got any idea as to what is wrong.

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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

So angry with BT at the moment.


So I've had a few calls from BT. When I've missed them I call them back straight away. The support team can never seem to put me back to the correct people who were trying to ring me in the first place. The support staff don't seem to be able to have a way of looking back at last records and finding out who was trying to call me.


After spending 1 hour with a support guy, he told me that the fault was with the network and that someone would have to fix it.


I then got a call today from another lady who told me that this information was incorrect and more tests needed to be done.


This is such a joke at the moment. 2 months and absolutely zero resolution. I really can't stand this lack of common sense from the BT support team. Can't believe after 2 months I'm still being told that my line is fine and there is no problem with my internet (plus their refusal to accept this forum exist and that the problem is with the home hub 3

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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

I too have wasted too much time on the phone to bt in india and the uk trying to get this problem sorted since it first started in January, with total lack of success.

What we need from bt without further delay is a clear statement detailing:-

1. Do they accept that there is a problem.

2. What is the cause.

3. How widespread is it.

4. What is the solution.

5. When will the solution be put in place.


Their silence to date on this forum is completely unacceptable, and like many others, I suspect, I will be looking to switch to an alternate supplier if it is not fixed very soon.


May I ask the moderator to escalate this matter to BT as a priority.

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Re: It's Official BT HomeHub 3 is not fit for purpose!

My BT Homehub 3 stopped working as expected about 1 month ago. I went through the usual hoops with BT from chat, to calling me, to having a BT openreach engineer visit to try and see why my Internet was intermittent.


They did the usual "test the line" from the technical side /  the BT engineer while on the visit. And everything was perfect....from their end.


But I still have a problem. The BT Homehub3 is still dropping some packets and its getting worse as time goes by. The line is fine. The router is not! I am on infinity 1. Prior to that I was on Infinity 2, but since the downgrade / contract renewal, I started seeing the "downgrade" in real terms. Again I repeat, the line is fine. The kit (Homehub 3) is not. (It's been a suspect ever since, and it still is).


I would suggest anyone on Infinity broadband should get an upto date kit (currently Homehub 5) as default. All I am asking for is a kit (again currently Homehub 5) that is working as it should.


PS: I have done all the tests that can be done, checked the signal strength e.t.c.

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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

Can anyone recommend a router for me? Bt are charging me £50+ for a new home hun 5
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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

Oh and just to confirm. I spoke to someone from customer support. They basically confirmed that a new home hub would fix the Internet issues we've been experiencing. And that the newer home hubs should fix or problems

But I had to renew my contract to be offered a new hub (and even then they were going to charge me before doing so )

I've decided to renew (only because I've got a while to go on my line rental). But it's absolutely disgusting behaviour from bt. They're nasically refusing to resolve our issues unless you fork out more money for their newer router or, in my case, but a new router.

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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

I've been on the phone to BT in India and in the UK. Providing to evidence you folks already have I was offered a HH5 for £50. I said I didn't want it and I just wanted a replacement. Eventually they did for no charge and I got a HH4. Refuse to pay for an error that BT are eventually recognising.

I would perhaps ask what the resolution to the problem is. I would hope they aren't sneaky and running a script that changes the channel periodically or resets the HH3.
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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

Some more updates...


Have been fairly solid but static around the 5Mbps or so since my last post, so tried the following tonight:


* Restarted Home Hub - no difference

* Changed to channel 9 (from 11) - increased to around 15Mbps, but no higher

* Set channel to automatic - went back to channel 11, speed back to 5Mbps


Looking at my InSSIDer results, there is only one other detected network using channel 11 but its amplitude is way lower, at around -95dBm - I think the overlap with the Plusnet connection using channel 13 is harming me more but again it's just one network and one that has been there using channel 13 for as long as I can remember (long before the issue started - in fact the total number of networks hasn't changed either!)... So while there's a definite improvement in stability now it seems that the overall bandwidth is definitely more restricted than it was, I wonder if this is a payoff to ensure the stability?


Spreadsheet of Speedtest results since mid-February is here

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Re: Broadband speed keeps dropping

mm2015 Its a problem we're all having but BT is not helping to resolve (actually, one of their solutions is to open a brand new contract, then charge you extra money for a new home hub).



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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

Hi Guys,


Thanks for your continued patience.  Last week, a few of you guys were kind enough to help our hub team with their investigations, this involved allowing them to change the configuration on your Home hub.  This action was a diagnostic step to help us get to the bottom of the issues you have reported.  The feedback from you folks who have received the changed configuration has been helpful and we have relayed all your comments back to the tech team looking into this.


I spoke with the tech team this morning and they would like me to pass on their thanks to you for helping with their investigation.  They are still working on diagnostics with these hubs so please bear with us for a little while longer.  As soon as I receive another update I will post it here.





**Edit - Corrected a grammar mistake**