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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

Hi jawwadccc, 


Thanks for your post. 


Please can you send over your details using the contact the mods link and I'll pass those details through to the Hub team. You'll find the "contact the Mods" link by clicking my username, please include the following info.


Telephone number:

Serial number of hub connected:

A few words describing your experience, (How often does this issue appear?, How long does it last?, have you found any workarounds?  What impact does it have on your connection?)





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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

Argos are selling HH4 for £29.99. Would it be worth the investment?

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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

There are plenty third party routers at that price range. Unless you are desperate to stick with a Homehub, and goodness knows why you would be, I would buy a third party router which would probably perform better than any of the Homehubs and you would not be hit with any future BT update software problems.

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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

Hi All.

I am relieved to find this forum as I have been having problems with my HH3 for numerous months. I have spoken to support in India on countless occasions but have now found the technical contacts in the UK. They have given me various spurious reasons as to why my wifi is dropping out and advice to change channels etc. I requested that as I was under contract that they send me a HH4 but was informed that this was technically not superior to the HH3. After continually stressing that they were not providing the service that I was paying for they even eventually supplied me with a replacement Homehub 3 - but this was a recon - and similar problems resulted from the date of installation. On numerous occasion I have tried changing channels and also used Wifi Analyzer downloaded on my android to try to seek out less congested channels - all to no avail. My Broadband contract is about to expire I am considering looking elsewhere. I am sick to death with the wifi signal dropping out and this can happen even in the room where the hub is located!


On occasions even the Lan connections on the hub drop out. Presumably that is a different problem to the wifi issues??


Whatever help advice anyone can give would be gratefully received. Many thanks

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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

Are the hub team aware this issue might be affecting Home Hub 3A as well? Thanks for any help.

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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

A certain amount of relief to find out, as expected, that this is a widely experienced equipment fault, and not one of my set up, environment, or a local issue.  Been a BT infinity customer for a few years.  At first all was well.  Performance fell off considerably last year and was persauded to install HH3 hubs.  Like everyone else, they were OK for a short while, then performance really fell off.  Since the New Year it has been very poor and unreliable, and of recent weeks it has become even worse than the TALKTALK service - and that takes some doing.


I constantly power on-power off (as recommended) to get a few minutes activity, and now, I can only guarantee internet access by plugging in the ethernet connection. Even than performance has been very slow/non-existant at times.  I am not a power user.  I use 1 single Windows 8 laptop to browse internet and send emails.  I rarely stream, and never download films, music, or TV shows.  Besides this I have 1 Iphone, and 1 wireless printer scanner.  My hub and related equipment is nowhere near any other electronic device, and my laptop can be 4 feet away from the hub showing 3 blue lights and still won't connect to the internet.  


Would like to stay loyal to BT and give them a chance, but loyalty is a two way arrangment and need to see some improvement to what is obviously a known and established failing now.



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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

I too was relieved to find this thread and have been following it since February hoping for a resolution. I have had a HH3 type B since April 2012 when I switched to Infinity. I had no problems whatsoever until earlier this year. Since then the situation has been identical to previous replies and I have tried all the "remedies". Is there any chance that I too could be added to the list of guinea pigs?





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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

Hi all


An update on my "fade" problem.


BT applied a configuration change to my hub last week and the speed has remained consistently high ever since. Actual measured performance as follows:


1630 38.83 6.12 ping (London) 310ms
2000 63.14 6.36 ping 3793ms
0830 25.78 6.34 ping 136ms
1518 38.13 5.28 ping 57ms
2015 51.46 4.82 ping 70ms
1615 40.53 6.61 ping 1023ms
2020 20.91 6 31.75 ping 123ms
1000 46.64 6.53 ping 67ms
0900 44.36 6.47 ping 63ms
2140 46.67 6.37 ping 62ms
0900 45.33 7.79 ping 88ms

In all cases measured from a wireless laptop in the same room as the hub.


Thanks to Patrick and the BT team for sorting this out.

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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

I am having the same issues with my homehub 3 that many other users in this thread seem to be having.


I have BT infinity (fibre optic) and my connection keeps on dropping to below 3mbps which is usually over night. The only way to get it back up to optimal speeds is to change the wireless channel via the homehub settings, which does solve the problem for about 8 hours or so but then reverts back down to below 3mbps again.


Strangely enough, this drop in speed only seems to be occuring on every other device except for my main PC. I have tried multiple factory resets and moving my xbox/laptop/PS4 closer to the homehub to achieve a better signal but it doesn't appear to be helping.




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Re: HH3 - Infinity - Local WiFi Channel 'fade'?

Following on from my previous post. I have tried to contact the BT specialist team located in Newcastle again by telephone but unfortunately this was picked up by the call centre in India. Having emphasised yet again that the wifi connections on my laptop and both Android devices as well as my LAN connected PCs continually drop out it was said that they would monitor the connections and call back after 24 hours ie today. I sent a text message to Newcastle emphasising the ongoing problems only to receive a response that my problem was being monitored and that I would receive the call back promised.


The callback was received and after spending three quarters of an hour on the telephone I have got precisely nowhere. The same questions were repeated on several occasions ie was I running any devices directly connected to the router? The same answer was given - yes two PCs and a printer hard wired which regualrly dropped connections. Where was my router located? Several responses that it was in the same room as the hard wired devices. I emphasised that my laptop even when located in the same room as the router dropped signal, had difficulty connecting and often showed a limited connection. The agent then attempted to put the blame on the hardware I was using. I was told that there had been a number of drops and attempts were made to get me to press the reset button on the router. Having asked what changes they had made to the router settings that would benefit from a reset I was told that none had been made.


I asked to be put through to the Newcastle Specialist team and was told that there was no support team in the UK. Having read out the content of some of the texts I had received from the Newcastle team there was silence and a grudging acceptance (I think) that I had been told an untruth. Continuing the conversation I was then told that the router frequency had been changed and that I should press the reset to see if this improved the performance. I started up my Wifi Analzer app on my Android to check what frequency the router had been changed to only to find that it was still on the same frequency as previously set. Clearly the agent was happy to lie in order to try to end the conversation.


I asked to be put through to a Supervisor or second line support agent in India and that request was side stepped and I was told that I would receive yet another call back in 24 hours time.


Clearly my ongoing experience whilst being stressful mirrors much the same situation of those on this forum and other internet forums commenting on the quality of the Homehub 3 and BT support services. It seems that the moderators of this forum pick and choose when they become involved and are soemwhat disinterested in the majority of the problems that the forums users experience.


The saga continues as does my subscription to a service provider who is unable to deliver the products for which they are contracted.