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HH3 & Squeezebox Classic

I've been using my Squeezebox for the past 5 years with only a few minor irritating problems that you might associate with a wireless connection; nothing i couldn't fix myself. Now I have a really annoying problem that I have no idea how to fix.


A couple of months ago I upgraded from HH2 to HH3. The installation was easy and everything works well but iI began to notice that when I used the Squeezebox either for the radio through or to stream music through Squeezebox Server the output through the speakers was not equal. The output through the Right speaker is about half the volume of that from the Left speaker. This was never a problem with HH2 but is very noticeable now. I have checked all the physical connections from computer to Squeezebox to stereo to speakers and all of those are OK.


The computer OS is Windows XP with all the current Service Packs and updates. The security/firewall is Norton 360. The Squeezebox and HH3 are connected by Solwise ethernet "homeplugs" (brilliantly easy by the way). If I play CDs or use the radio receiver attached to the amplifier everything is fine; the speaker outputs are equal. It's just when I use the Squeezebox that the volume through the speakers is noticeably different. The only thing to have changed is HH2 has been upgraded to HH3.


Any thoughts or ideas will be gratefully received.

Thank you.

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