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HH3 constantly resetting links

I've got two problems They might be related-


1. All devices are resetting "ip leases" every 30 seconds on my hh3- so connections to internet are interrupted every 30 seconds- error logs show this is happening on both wired and wireless ip address for all devices every 30 seconds. Productive internet sessions are not practical with this situation. secure sessions disconnect- home network printers don't work, etc. etc.


2. my speed on infinity varies from zero to 1-2 meg, occasionally bursts up to 25 meg, but mostly zero.


Details and thoughts-


Fibre- I have a DLM enabled cabinet 50 metres from my house, but BT engineers chose to connect my coppper to a DLM enabled cabinet 1/2 mile away- makes no sense to me why, maybe thats not supposed to make any difference, maybe it was laziness.   ( Even if the fibre is perfect, unecessarily long copper runs over telephone poles, etc. reduces the available stable signal "spectrum" quite alot, and the stability is subject to things as simple as a rainy cold spell, that might get some of the wiring that isn't insulated well enough a bit damp- these are called intermittent faults and are notoriously difficult to resolve- quicker to run new known working copper and terminate onto fibre DLM as near as possible to the customer premise point of interface or point of presence.)


I've had many calls with india, who have been very friendly and confirmed with tap 3 tests, with resets, etc. etc.

In addition, on my own, I've done wireless scans just to eliminate wifi noise as a source of the problem- and to see if rogue wifi APs were causing beacons to misbehave, or if rogue DHCP servers were associating my devices using wifi- disassociating them from my hub- - all very interesting- expecially that all 25 wifi devices in my neighbourhood are set to channel 11... but no rogue wifi aps, and no rogue dhcp servers.


Although BT haven't yet reached this conclusion- I suspect its a dodgey hh3 device. The HH3 device is manufactured by BNA Systems, and has the most current firmware, and it seems like its been problematic for alot of customers. Its behaviour is inexplicable and doesn't match up with any normal behaviour. So immediate troubleshooting should have been to swap the hh3 with a known working hh3. That hasn't been suggested in the entire two weeks. And its far more expensive to send an engineer to my house, than to send a replacement hh3. But thats whats they are doing!


I have a spare belkin and a spare Asus that I could try and use if necessary but I might add complication to the resolution by BT, so I wont do that just yet.


I also wonder if the two problems are related-  I'm pretty sure infinity is a burst service- a stable baseline bandwidth, and some burstable limits-  coupled with the "spread spectrum" DSL type learning to adapt to the actual line conditions to offer as much within the min/max bandwith speeds-


I think this means that the intelligent adaptive fibre DLM see so little traffic coming from my line, and so many interruptions, that it restarts its learning process or decides that it needs to only provide very little baseline broadband, and little burst- but I'm getting zero bandwith over broadband connection now regularly, so there might be a disconnection issue there as well for some reason from the modem.

the Open reach modem might also be able to signal the hub to restart every 30 seconds- but the blue lights stay on the whole time- so I don't think so- everything I see still leads back to the HH3 being defective.


I have reset the lease period to the maximum 21 days, the hub still resets every 30 seconds, despite showing in the error log that a huge amount of minutes are remaining on the lease. Its impossible that all devices independently decided to start requesting new leases every 30 seconds as a problem- and I've eliminated that rogue APs or rogue DHCPs are a problem- but all the devices ( wired and wireless) are being disassociated from the hh3, and on reassociation, the HH3 dhcp server recognises the device but is disregarding the the remaining lease time for the device, and issues a new lease. So the reassociation protocol between hh3 and all my devices is broken-


shouldn't the immediate test by BT be to replace suspect hh3 with a known working hh3?


Status of solution-


India scheduled a BT engineer "specialist" on infinity team to come to my house this week-presumably to see what the problem my be in my setup. I certainly hope the engineer brings a spare- known working hh3 replacement device!


Has anyone had a similar situation, and what did they do to resolve?

Would it be helpful to post the solution that is finallly applied to my setup?





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