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First an appology if a lead is anywhere else on this forum - I have searched!

I would like to replace our current home hub with a new home hub 3 and am willing to renew my current broadband service but when I go through the process I only have an option for a home hub 2 (which I currently have after buying one from a fomous auction site to replace the dire home hub 1.5 that was useless!).

I would be prepared to pay something towards one on my current service but;

- can't find a link on the BT website to do this

- find it a little dissapointing as I have been a customer on their internet service for over 10 years!


Any hints as to where I should go - rather not have to phone, do find it irritating trying to explain things numerous times to someone - or mod suggestions appreciated.

Thanks for any help



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Re: HH3

I have seen on the forum that the HH3 is not officially released until the end of the month.

A number have commented that when replacements for faulty HH2s are being sent they are still getting a HH2.

Some infinity users are getting a version of the HH3 but that might be because BT have run out of the Infinity version of the HH2.
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Re: HH3

After numerous problems with the worlds worst router, the hub 2, and hours of arguing, bt finally sent me the hub 3 (im not on infinity).


BT told me that the hub 3 wont be available until 28th Feb.


If thats true then why have I and numerous others, got 1?


Your question is impossible to answer mate, because even when it was being sent out, the person still told me it was not available!!!

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Re: HH3

I have been told that the HH3 was released a week ago and is now being sent out to

customers who are upgrading / regrading and joining BT.


I am on Total BB option 3 and last night i took the plunge and upgraded to Infinity.

The nice lady on the phone told me i would be getting a HH3


Hope this helps

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Re: HH3

There are indeed some very nice ladies in BT Broadband on-line sales! Smiley Happy

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