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HH3A Port Forwarding Issues - Would love some advice

I know about the Home Hub 3 Type A problems when it comes to port forwarding already, so I'm not asking how to fix it.


I initially upgraded my connection to Fibre Optic in order to improve my online gaming and also to be able to host servers so that I could play with friends. Trouble is, the router they gave me completely breaks that. So I'm paying money for such great speeds that I can't even use to its potential, while eliminating the main purpose of me having internet. Not a great deal on my end.


So my question is, would I be eligible for a free upgrade considering I've been missold a service and given a faulty device?

If so, does the Home Hub 4 or 5 have any problems with port forwarding or loopback?


I'm at my wits end. I love BT and their service - one of the few ISPs I've not been seriously frustrated with (yet). However not being able to get a proper answer from calling them got me close. 


I'm already paying an arm and a leg for this. I'd really not want to pay for an upgrade just because of something like this.


Also as a side questiion: what is meant by IP Profile for my line?  My download is profiles for 53mb. Does that mean my download is throttled to that speed? I was gettings upwards of 80mb last month and I'm worried that something has been done to my connection.

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Re: HH3A Port Forwarding Issues - Would love some advice


The most likely reason your speed has dropped is because of a noise /crosstalk issue this has caused the DLM to reduce your IP profile to stabilise the line all you need to do is leave the connection alone for up to 2 weeks and once the DLM see the line as stable again it should start to rise again  


as to IP Profiles  this link explains more although relating to ADSL  The basic facts are the same

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Re: HH3A Port Forwarding Issues - Would love some advice

I see. There was a fault a while back which was solved and I did wait for the two weeks to pass before worrying. Now that it's been over a month, is there a number I should call to ask BT if they can help reconfigure my line?


Also, anything about my query on obtaining a new router?

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Re: HH3A Port Forwarding Issues - Would love some advice

If you want to do anything remotely compliacted like hosting servers etc your best off buying your own router. With infinity you can either get a VDSL router (expensive) or go for a "cable" ethernet router.

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Re: HH3A Port Forwarding Issues - Would love some advice

as to resetting your IP profile that needs an Openreach engineers visit and even then Openreach may not reset as they prefer the DLM to do its job and reset automatically
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