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HH3a doesn't allow Networkx to ignore LAN traffic

I have a free download called NetworkX (no longer free !) that I use to monitor my Option 1 broadband usage.


One of the options is to ignore LAN traffic, and just measure what the router sends and receives.


This always used to work with my 3com router, but I now have a HH3a and this does not allow me complete the option

to ignore LAN traffic.


A box pops up asking for the IP address, which it plugs with but the drop down box headed

'WAN interface' contains no options.

If I click OK, I get an error box saying 'Router interface cannot be empty. Probably your router does not support SNMP'.


This is a pain because I now use an ethernet-connected storage device for backups. This obliterates all

my accumulated traffic stats by adding on about 50G of backups.


Does the HH3a support SNMP ?.



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Re: HH3a doesn't allow Networkx to ignore LAN traffic

As far as I know Hubs don't support SNMP.  In reality they don't support much in the way of 'advanced' features.

Best to get a proper modem/router.

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Re: HH3a doesn't allow Networkx to ignore LAN traffic

Did something go awry with the 3com? The DrayTek Vigors support SNMP and should be able to provide what you need*:

You would then just use the HH3 as a WiFi access point / ethernet switch. 


The only downside with going this route is that you'll need to go back to the HH3 when you have any tech support calls with BT as this is what they support.


(*) there are many alternatives that'd work here, but the DrayTek's seem to be widely used on BT.

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Re: HH3a doesn't allow Networkx to ignore LAN traffic

No, the 3COM is fine but ever since I bought it in 2006 I had got into the habit of switching it off

at night, because everything was connected to an ancient powered base unit that probably

used to have an old BBC computer on it. But it had mains filtering built in. The 3COM replaced

a BT voyager 105 and that used to get really hot. You wouldn't want to leave that on all the

time. The 3COM always connected in less than a minute after powerup.


Roll on 11 years and suddenly my previously rock solid broadband (originally 1 meg and then

progressively upped to about 😎 crashed to about 250Kbpd download.


This was sorted out by PaddyB. I think must have been on an older type of broadband that

DLM didn't monitor, but I assume that I was switched onto ADSL2+ without my knowledge

and DLM never got a chance to establish what my line speed should be.


The people in India didn't want to know because I wasn't using their HH4 (which I have lost)

so I am using a 'borrowed' HH3a and now it's fine, so I don't want to go back to using the

3COM. The HH3 seems to have a more active firewall, something I never bothered with before,

I just let Windows and my Anti-virus deal with that.


The lack of usage stats is not really an issue; it was just nice to know what applications

were doing and if I got near my 12G allowance.








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Re: HH3a doesn't allow Networkx to ignore LAN traffic

Just to say I have not tried SNMP on the DrayTek hardware. Caveat Emptor.
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