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Does the HH4 support DLNA, as from many forum posts, I saw there were issues with the HH3 causing disconnects of DLNA devices connecting over wireless to a DLNA media server

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Re: HH4 - DLNA

Looks like many of us have the exact same issue, but BT refuse to acknowledge any problems with DLNA and HH4. Even worse the "support desk", I use the term very loosley, in India just advise paying for the UK support to get an answer!! Lets see now, oh my 14 days aren't up yet, looks like a cancelation on the way BT!!!


I have just moved to BT Broadband from O2/Sky where all my DLNA devices were visible on my home network just fine over WiFi.

I can no longer see any of my DLNA devices (TV's, PVR's, NAS Media Server) over WiFi since installing the BT HH4 and reconfiguring all these devices to use it.

I can not get any sense from the BT "non-technical non-experts" in Asia, they simply do not understand the technology!!! They say they are "Broadband executives", not "home networking executives..." lol! They just want me to sign up for the Fee Based TECH Experts in the UK. I'm damned if I'm going to pay just to find out if the HH4 is DLNA compliant and if so how to configure it!!!

A simple Yes, or No answer will do and if No do BT plan on fixing this DLNA issue?


I have seen other posts relating to this issue, but never any answers?

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Re: HH4 - DLNA

I have had same problem since moving from Orange hub of 12 years old and also found it frustrating that BT tech experts no nothing about the DLNA setup. Chap I spoke to did not even know what a Blu Ray recorder was! Eventually spoke to BT cancellations dept who told me to contact Panasonic to confirm problem was not with the audio equipment. Panasonic have confirmed not audio equipment problem and said it mud be Hub4 problem. They advise checking firmware version of hub to see if up to date and if up to date to get BT to confirm whether this issue is to be resolved with firmware update in future. I am very aggrieved, as I guess you are too, that we spend money on good technology and a brand new hub does not support this.  To update, I have plugged in my old Livebox hub and reset Blu Ray and TV to pick up this wirelessly and would you believe it, it worked.  The TV picked up content on Blu Ray through the DLNA, only downside is no internet that way but just needed to prove point to myself that it is definitely not my audio equipment that is not working properly.  Am going to ring BT cancellations dept. to see if there is any way that this issue is going to be resolved in the future, especially seeing as so many people have posted problems with DNLA over the forum.

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Re: HH4 - DLNA

This is odd and the HH4 seems a bit hit and miss re DLNA.


For me it basically works. I use wireless from my phone or my netbook to the HH4 and then wired to my TV. The phone 'pushes' the photos and videos to the TV, the Netbook is seen as a server by the TVs Media server, and I then use the TV to navigate the netbooks folders.


I don't use many extensive features of DLNA, just show my videos and pictures onto my Panasonic TV using DLNA from the two devices.


The problem I have is that Photots and standard def vidoes seem to work fine, BUT HD videos stutter quite badly from both devices. This seems to be a wireless speed issue as if I take the devices quite close to the HH4 which is upstairs, they stream OK to the TV which is downstairs.


I use wireless to the HH4 (using 5Ghz) and then wired using 500Mhz power adaptors to the TV. The TV quite happily streams HD TV from the internet via apps like iPlayer fine.


It was the same with my old HH2b and I was hoping the "best WiFi yet" would help - it hasn't.


Not that this helps you much I'm sad to say. I don't remember setting anything specific within the router to get DLNA working but the UpNP options mentioned in some other posts are for me both on. Could your problem be a firewall issue? I did help someone out on another forum whose firewall was blocking DLNA via an HH4 and they had to make a few changes to their firewall. Have you tried (as a test ) just dropping any internal firewalls on your internal networks if any (not the main router one to the outside world) and see if it works then? This chap had a PC with a 3rd party firewall that was causing the problem.



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Re: HH4 - DLNA

FunkMaster, grahamdyke, mellycoop:


See message 20 - maybe worth asking the BT mod.


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